There's rare moments in sports where athletes show their human side, and they sometimes sacrifice their pride to help others today we count the 50 beautiful moments of respect in sports
This first moment comes from cristiano ronaldo arguably the best footballer in the world who let the ball ball take a selfie with him and also take a team picture with the whole portugal team
This next video shows a runner in a long distance race helping another runner who is unable to finish the race herself, the runner sacrificed her time to help
In this clip jordin tootoo gives away his stick to a young fan, the young fans reaction is priceless and probably uses it to this day
Novak djokovic is helped by a ball boy when it’s raining, the ball boy holds an umbrella over novak but novak sits the boy down holds the umbrella for both of them and offers the boy a drink
Ive shown this last clip before but it’s still one of the most respectful sporting moments ever filmed, this sambo professional wins the fight but carries his opponent when hes unable to walk
When this streaker runs onto the pitch security are quick to escort him off the ground and ban him from future games but ronaldo feels sorry for the invader and takes a picture with him
This next footballer helps save his teammates life, when the goalkeeper attacks the footballer he falls to the ground unable to breath, the teammate helps the player breath once again
This next boy rushes onto an australian rugby pitch by accident but the players make the young boy’s day and let him score a try
This next young boy is sent away by security when he tries to take a picture with footballer lionel messi but messia stops the security calls the young boy back and takes a picture with him
10: When this tennis player falls and hurts his foot too much to play on, his opponent jumps over the net and helps him to his feet and off the tennis court, seeming very worried about his opponent
This next clip shows an nba player giving his jersey away to a young disabled child, knowing that the child has had a hard life and giving him something to at least make his day a little better
This next footballer carlos puyol is slapped by a footballer on the opposing team, but instead of retaliating he actually stops his teammate from starting a fight, this takes true willpower and respect
This next kid receives a baseball from a ball girl, anyone would be happy to receive a real baseball from a real match, but this kid gives it to a younger child to make his day
This next clip come from novak djokavic again, in this video he plays in a wheelchair so he can play with a disabled tennis player fairly, he then goes over and hugs the disabled tennis player
Bradley lowery was a young sunderland fan with cancer, the sunderland footballers all came together to give bradley the chance to take a real penalty in front of thousands of fans and make his day
This next clip shows lionel messi taking time out of his day to meet a disabled barcelona supporter, the young child adores messi and its beautiful to see his reaction to seeing him in person and playing with him
This handball team lets a young handball fan play for the team for a few minutes allowing him to score and holding the young child up in the air in celebration and the young boy loves every moment
This next clip shows an mma fan with down syndrome given the opportunity to fight with a professional mma fighter, the professional obviously goes easy on the fan and lets him win
This next clip is beautiful and shows tottenham footballers practicing with a young handicapped boy, this would be a dream come true for anyone and it’s amazing they gave him the opportunity
20: This tennis match was getting intense until one player accidentally hits an old lady by the side of the net, the player goes over to her and apologizes to her and kisses her
This next clip shows an nba player giving his sneakers to two young female fans, you can see by their faces how shocked and happy this little gesture made them.
These two chinese wrestlers battle it out until the wrestler in red pins the fighter in blue, after the winner is announced the winner carries the tired fighter off to get medical attention
Ronaldo in this video helps his injured opponent off the field when he is injured and unable to walk, ronaldo could have left him to walk off himself but he decided to help
This next ice hockey player gives two adorable young fans the hockey puck the team had just played with, their reactions are priceless and will make your day



  • Some people just take time and shots to win to help people,sometimes people just I-im speechless this video shows that in a world of hate that Some people shine bright and don't want came or to be known as a hero.

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  • All I learned from this video is be disabled and have down syndrome

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  • I’ve had a series of events in life lately that have shaken my faith in humanity but this helps remind me

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  • The two runners are the Browne brothers

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  • 13:02. He didn’t apologize he shoved a towel in the dudes face

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  • just as a tip. dont stick your fingers into a siezing persons mouth. they can take off a finger. if someone is seizing you roll them on their side so they wont swallow their tongue and die

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  • 10:35 one of the most saddest moments in the video I guess. 😭😭😭

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  • He is not a disabled tennis fan. He's an ACTUAL Tennis player himself.

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  • That's why soccer is a beautiful sport. RESPECT 👌🏽

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  • Ranaldo helpied alot of ppl

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  • At the three minute mark, the guy is a pitch invader, not a streaker. There is a whole world of difference between the two in that a streaker would be naked!

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  • The One about ronaldo was actually to save time cuz they were losin

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  • i know that pro wrestling like WWE or Ring of Honor is considered a performance but they do get hurt and even breaking there character to help each other out and even do a ton of charities. its a scary moment when i got to small venues of 500 fans and 20 wrestlers busting there ass for us, making 35 bucks a night.. and see the ref or a manager throw up an X hand signal. That means someone is injured for real, the worse i saw was Ali from WWE, wrestling for his home promotion AAW. He did a moonsault to the outside, missed his landing, and went head first into a metal guard rail. you could of swore someone shot a starters pistol, that sound. even the wrestlers that were playing the Bad Guys / Heels came out to help. lucky a small concussion.

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  • @RONALDO semoga masuk islam, dan kelak banyak orang suka padaNYA, dan berada di jalan bersama orang-orang ke surga..

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  • Semoga orang baik di tempatkan di sisi yang terbaik kelak di surga,, amiin.

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